Projects in 2016


Code and Youth

Start & End Date: 01.09.2016-30.11.2017
Place: Erfurt, Lefkosia
Participating Countries: Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Italy
Project Partners: Cyprus Computer Society (CY), National Center For Scientific Research “Demokritos” (EL), Futuro Digitale (IT), A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd (CY)

The project opens up new routes into not only teaching coding and programming to teenagers, but also to open up their career options in order to initially have a first hand experience of the various field of computing and then choose to study in a related topic.
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Start & End Date: 01.02.2016-30.11.2016
Place: Daugirdiškės, Weimar
Participating Countries: Czech Republic, Italy, Lithuania, Turkey, Greece, Germany, Serbia, Romania, Austria
Project Partners: Cia Cekija (CZ), Youth4youth (IT), Viesoji istaiga “Nectarus” (LT), Lycian Pathfinders Youth Group (TR), Kinoniki Sinetairistiki Epicherisielliniki Symmetochi Neon (EL), Drustvo Za Kakovost Zivljenja Sena (SI), Asociatia Absolventilor Universitatii 1 Decembrie 1918 Alba Iulia (RO), Plattform Generation Europa (AT)

The aim of this project is to develop learning programs that will provide possibilities for young people of learning on the move through experiential adventurous learning methods, adapted to particular living environment and tailored to particular needs and profile of young people.
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Make the Change Come True 4.0

Start & End Date: 01.05.2016-31.12.2016
Place: Erfurt
Participating Countries: Germany, Lithuania, Portugal, Croatia, Greece
Project Partners: Rokiskio jaunimo organizaciju sajunga “Apvalus stalas” (LT), Escola Profissional Do Montijo – Associação para a Formação Profissional e Desenvolvimento do Montijo (PT), Raplection (HR), Hellenic Youth Participation (EL)

This project wants to promote an awareness treading of resources and the environment, as well as healthy behaviors through young people from different European countries through outdoor education and activities in a social context.
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Organic Impact

Start & End Date: 01.08.2016-30.11.2016
Place: Kavadarci
Participating Countries: Germany, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania
Project Partners: Udruženje People to People Serbia (RS), Zdruzenie na mladi Kreativ Skopje (MK), Team for Youth Association (RO)

This project aims to increase young people’s personal development and competence using organic farming, especially those from marginalized, vulnerable and underprivileged backgrounds.
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Lost Home

Start & End Date: 25.08.2016-01.09.2016
Place: Erfurt
Participating Countries: Germany, Ukraine, Russia
Project Partners: Dnipropetrovsk regional youth non-governmental organization “MIKS” (UA), Falcogroup (RU)
The aim of the program is to provide space for sharing different vision and experiences, to enable participants to work together on the concept of “lost home”. The project creates opportunity for young people from Ukraine, Russia and Germany to meet and discuss your understanding and perception of the “home land” not only as the living place, but as your cultural and ethnical surrounding, the space where and by which your identity is formed. The role play and the method of “forum-theatre” will help you speak out and live through your experience of “losing home country”.
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Street Workout

Start & End Date: 15.01.2016-14.01.2017
Place: Weimar, Banja Luka, Tallin
Participating Countries: Germany, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lithuania, Spain
Project Partners: Association Of Citizens, Cultural Artistic Association – Association 615 Bitola (MK), Seiklejate Vennaskond (EE), Street Workout (GE), Street Warriors (LV), Underground83 (BA), Neringos socialiniu paslaugu centras (LT), África Huna (ES)

The theme of this project is “Street Workout”, which is a movement based on exercises by using public facilities, such as equipment in schoolyards or park. The “Street Workout” movement supports healthy living through readily available and financially inexpensive means.
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We Against Hate Speech

Start & End Date: 28.06.2016-01.12.2016
Place: Weimar, Sajan
Participating Countries: Germany, Serbia
Project Partner: Youth Meeting and Education Center Sajan (RS)

This project dealt with the rapidly growing phenomena of hate speech on social networks and internet portals, which now is becoming more and more widespread and harmful. The two youth exchanges which were held as part of this project addressed the topic of hate speech through discussions about prejudice, discrimination, exclusion, propaganda, online/offline hate speech and other important topics. During the youth exchanges we drew a parallel between what happened in the period of National Socialism due to the strong propaganda and use of hate speech.
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Volunteering Goes Europe

Start & End Date: 01.02.2016-30.09.2017
Place: Weimar, Sajan, Erfurt
Participating Countries: Germany, Albania, Italy, Turkey, Sweden, Slovakia, Montenegro, Romania, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain, Iceland, Poland
Project Partners: Shoqata Rinia Ne Sipermarrjen E Lire (AL), South Europe Youth Forum (IT), Centre For Children, Youth And Family (BA), Sistem Ve Jenerasyon Dernegi (TR), The Organization For Poverty Alleviation & Development (SE), Grupa “Hajde Da…” (RS), Association For Democratic Prosperity – Zid (ME), Asociacion Cultural Euroaccion Murcia (ES), Youth Association Ymca Bitola (MK), Team For Youth Association (RO), Althjodleg Ungmennaskipti-Aus (IS), Towarzystwo Wiedzy i Przedsiebiorczosci (PL)

The main aim for this project is to raise the quality of EVS projects and set higher quality standards within the network for personal and professional orientation for youth through mobility.
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Start & End Date: September to November 2017
Place: Erfurt, Germany
Participating Countries: Germany and Greece

During 2 months, CGE hosted a Greek cultural management under the capacity building project “Start” from Robert Bosch Stiftung Bosch. During these two months, Kassiani Kafetsi had the opportunity to learn and experience how NGO’s and cultural managements work and function in Germany.
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