Call for Participans: Be Sustainable

Be SustainAble is a Youth Exchange born from the desire to improve Sustainable Development, particularly in tourism field, in the South of the Region Lazio, precisely along the so-called coast Riviera of Ulysses. We will provide the participants with all the information about the subject through quality learning and constructive dialogue, in which they will be the main actors and they will be able to awake their ability to be active citizens. This will also lead to the creation of a Sustainable Tourism guide called “The 10 Rules for a Sustainable Tourism”. 


  • The growth of the capacities of the youngsters involved in the project about Sustainable Development.
  • Aware the participants about the Social Entrepreneurship subject, and push them to found one in their country, maybe connected to Social Tourism.
  • Once leaders and young participants return home, they are expected to carry out activities and to promote actions based on what they have learned during the exchange with newly acquired participatory perspective and attitude.
  • Stimulate young people’s interest in Sustainable Development, in particular in the tourism field; spread the importance of protecting the environment and stimulating the citizens awareness about this topic.


  • The follow up of the mission by presenting “The 10 Rules for a Sustainable Tourism” guide.
  • The contribution to the diffusion of good practice about Sustainable Development through the community.
  • The transmission of the importance of being active youngsters in the community.
  • The increase of the knowledge about the Social Entrepreneurship subject and the skills to found one. 


Be SustainAble aims to involve 25 young people (and 5 group leaders) from 5 countries (Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Slovenia and Germany) in an exchange activity during which participants can find a space for comparison and acquisition of further knowledge about Sustainable Development. In this way the project will allow them to exercise the acquired skills, giving the youngsters the basis to start a new journey in social tourism entrepreneurship.

All participants must also meet the following criteria:

  • Be aged between 20-26 years;
  • Ability to communicate and work in English;
  • Passionate about environment, nature, cultural heritage and tourism;
  • They need to ensure their availability in creating and developing a follow-up action in their country after the Youth Exchange.

The selection will respect the principle of gender balance.

All the participants must have their protection devices (masks).

The host organization will respect the rules of the Italian government due to Covid-19.


27th September – 4th October 2020 Terracina, Latina – Italy

Closest Airports:
– Ciampino or Fiumicino, Rome, Italy
– Capodichino, Naples, Italy


Accommodation and meals will be provided for all participants for the entire duration of the exchange.

(If you have special needs, please indicate them in the application form).

In order to take part to the project, participants are required to pay € 30,00 as participation fee.

Costing about travels will be reimbursed maximum up to the following amount.

From Italy180 €/ p.
From Spain275 €/ p.
From Lithuania275 €/ p.
From Slovenia275 €/ p.
From Germany275 €/ p.

According to Erasmus+ rules, participants are strictly required to book the cheapest option available.

The amount will be reimbursed only if justified by the relative invoices.

N° of participants 

From Italy5+1
From Spain5+1
From Lithuania5+1
From Slovenia5+1
From Germany5+1


Application must be submitted by 15th August 2020.


Partner Organizations

Italy – Aicem

Spain – Ases: Acción social, Educación y Salud

Lithuania – Mano Europa

Slovenia – Connect

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