Start & End Date: 04.2019 – 07.2019
Participating Countries: Russia, Austria, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, North Macedonia, Armenia, Georgia
Project Partners: Solis Tuvak, Tegyunk Egyutt Az Ifjusagert Alapitvany, Fundacja Instytut Innowacji, Academy of innovation, Association for non-formal education EUROPEAN CULTURAL EPICENTER Bitola, Plattform Generation Europa, Institutul De Instruire In Dezvoltare Millenium, World Independent Youth Union, Youth For the World, NGO “European Youth Community”, Eduplius

With the this project we would like to let youth workers actively working with young people discover outdoor education and adventure-based learning and develop their competencies to apply them in their practices, especially in relation to empowering young people with fewer opportunities at local level.
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Start & End Date: 31.12.2018 – 30.12.2020
Participating Countries: Germany, Portugal, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Spain
Project Partners: Kharkiv Association for Active Youth “Stella”, Association Euroaccion, Cazalla International, MEDesTU, Rota Jovem, Office for Initiatives Promotion, NGO Fialta, Academy of Innovation, Regional Youth Public Organization Opora and Centre for Dialogue and Reconciliation Iskra

Young Europeans especially need to learn how to identify and emphasise with one another. One of the ways to do it is to experience life in a different community, while doing a voluntary service. Therefore, in order to steam community cohesion, which will ensure stability and peace in Europe, CGE Erfurt e.V. has developed “Community Goes Europe 2: Building Solidarity Across the Nations”, a volunteering project within the Erasmus+ program.
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