CHILL OUT: Don’t worry, be happy

…Now listen to what I said, in your life expect some trouble,
When you worry you make it double
But don’t worry, be happy, be happy now…

From time to time everyone needs some help. To refresh thoughts, left all negativity behind, change the perspective. Even when it seems like grey colours surround you and there is just a curstained circle “work-studies-home-daily routines” remember to find some time to chill. To give people tools to prevent and avoid depressive, stressive mood CGE Erfurt e.V. organised a youth exchange, CHILL OUT: Mindfulness, Sport and Healthy Lifestyle in Nature. The main idea of the project was to spread the positive practise of deSTRESSification, learn how to mediate stress and how to find energy-resourses inside the body and soul. How great it was? Look let’s check it out!

The CHILL OUT project was implemented in cooperation with 4 partners from Greece (Hellenic Youth participation), Germany (Culture goes Europe), Serbia (Youth Meeting and Educational Centre Sajan) and Spain (Asociacion Juvenil Inter). The youth exchange was open for people between the age of 18 and 28 and gathered young activists with different backgrounds. The main advantage of the program was its openness to transformation, flexibility and acceptance of participants wishes. We kindly invite you to experience each day of CHILL OUT program.

  • (2.07.) The first day of activities participants started with the name games and ice-breaking exercises. Youngsters were trying to find similarities and differences in their interests, shared funny stories from life and enjoyed team-building activities outdoor. After the lunch break the participants created the consCHILLution 📝 of the Youth Exchange, anthem, logo and shared their expectations regarding the program.
  • (3.07.) The best way to reveal the internal energy is to practise yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️. The whole day was dedicated to different yoga practices: strengthening, stretching, breathing exercises, meditation. To make free not only the physical body, but the consciousness as well, participants opened their souls and minds on art-theraphy session. As a part of an individual art-process the participants were drawing their emotion, fears, thoughts, dreams. And afterwards, in small groups, they were creating one big picture – a common vision of their future.

  • (4.07.) The best way to know someone better is to spend time together during a nice talk 🗣. To improve communicational competences and spend more time with each other the participants were split into groups of 2 people and got a task to present the tandem partner in one of the artistic form: Elevator Pitch or Slam Poetry. The main idea of Elevator Pitch is to present something/someone in 40 seconds, the pitch should be bright and memorable, as well as to make an impact on audience. The Poetry Slam shape require the poetic rhythm, rhyme and size of 4-6 lines. To create a presentation of other person is not so easy, but surprisingly the final presentations were incredibly awesome: we felt respect in each sentences, we felt care, humour and interest to each other. After communicational practise beautiful people of CHILL OUT project were again practising yoga.
  • (5.07.) On Thursday the participants explored the local nature of Moselle River by hiking from the hosting location in Traben-Trarbach to the towns down on the river stream. The way lied through the deep forests 🌳 and streams strong after rainy weather of the last day. Nevertheless, we successfully completed the route and ended up having a coffee/tea ☕️ in cozy Bernkastel-Kues.

  • (6.07.) on Friday the participants had enjoyed climbing 🧗🏻‍♂️ at Adventure Park “Mont Royal” in the ruins of a century-old foresters Mont Royal. This is one of the activities, where young people could test their limits and at the same time relax in the nature. Just look at these cheerful faces, ready to conquer the Adventure Forest! After the lunch break participants have joined the Open Space session. Some of participants wanted to share interesting knowledge with the rest of the group, so in the schedule appeared “Emotional practice” session, “Project management” session and one outdoor session “Völkerball – Best German Game Ever”.
  • (7.07.) The final day of the program was focused on the presentation from the “Project management” session, where youngsters presented their ideas of the future cooperation, events and youth exchanges. Seems like the Chill Out topic will be continued in Sebia, Spain and Greece! We look forward to the news! 🙂 To remind everything what happed during the last 6 beautiful days, the facilitators proposed youngsters to make a virtual back trip through the program days and think what were the greatest moments of it, which emotions participants feel now, at the last day of the project, and which “chill” practices will they use at home. The sensitive sharing round closed the CHILL OUT project. It was an amazing adventure! 😌

And, of course, we would like to share the comments from our participants:

[ap_testimonial image=”” image_shape=”undefined” client=”Chris Paschalidis” designation=”Group Leader from Greece from the Youth Exchange”]
So, about the “CHILL OUT” experience, long story short is was exactly what I need it. In our age of speed, deadlines, hard choices and stress, this project gave us the opportunity clear our minds. Every element (nature, participants, organization) contributed I order to give us an alternative prospective about ours troubles and concerns. Me myself and i couldn’t possibly hope for better company, conversation and vibes. In the end, sometimes what to need to go forward is just a little stop.


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